School Education Plays Crucial Role In Achieving Success In Life

Published: 20th July 2010
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A person spends large part of his academic life in schools. So, it is social responsibility of the schools to impart the best in the students so that they can act as better citizens in life. The schools should keep all this in mind and teach them in a way so that they serve the society their level best and can achieve success in life.

A school serves as the most important medium of education in the life of anyone. A person as a student spends minimum twelve years of his life in school. To be a graduate, you study for fifteen or sixteen years, out of which you spend twelve years in school. As compared to the three or fours in college, a student spends the longest span of his academic life in school. So, where a student spends most of the time in his academic front, then it will surely affect the future of a child. To which school, a child belongs to, greatly affects the professional and personal life of one. The education that the students possess in his initial years of educational life, matters a lot in the career and personal life ahead. The basic values, thought and knowledge he is going to acquire in the initial years of his basic school education, decides the direction of the future of the child.

The parents are the first teachers of the child, but the proper education of the child starts, when he was admitted in school by his parents. The formal education of the school decides that the way the student is going to follow in his entire. The thoughts and values in which a child starts to believe and follow from his childhood days are the one which are the deciding factor of his life. If a school is very rigid about the rules and regulations in the premises and make in the habit of students to follow the same, then the student of the school are likely to follow the rules and regulations of the society. A school can make a child hard working, if the same habit is developed in his initial ages.

Schools must watch the progress of the small children very minutely and should keep an eye on the children that they will never get an impression that they are free to do anything. Teachers in the school should be able to develop in them a sense of responsibility and good team player qualities which help them a lot in their professional life. As a student, children always believe blindly the teachings of his teacher and follow them in entire life. So, for a school and its teachers, it is very necessary to give the right education and direction to the students. If the school fails to impart the right values in his students, then it will be regarded as the failure of the school. School life is very important in the life of a person, So it is the duty of the schools to make the most out of it and impart the students with best of the discipline, knowledge and values in students. If one gets success in life, he will be brightening the name of the school itself. Schools must realize their social responsibility and make the society proud.

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