Education in India - Then & Now!

Published: 29th June 2010
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In present time, education is must for everyone. The condition of education in India has improved a lot since Independence. Now, the online admission process has started and got implemented in various schools across India. Students and parents are taking active part in the online admission process and trying to get best education possible.

Education is one of the most important aspects of every body's life. In the present time, an uneducated person is treated like an alien. But, the situation was not same at the time of Independence; people were not educated at that time. The literacy rate of India has been increasing since Independence. From that time, the Government of India has taken so many steps for improving the condition of education. They made the people of India aware about the importance of education in their lives. Government has opened a number of schools and colleges, mostly in rural areas to increase the awareness in Indian people at that time and has given free admissions to students of rural area and needy ones. The literacy rate of India has been increased from just 12% at the time of independence to 65% today due to continuous effort of Indian government.

Today, the people of India are aware of the importance of the education and make a point that they pass the same thought to the next generation. There is a continuous increase in the number of students taking admission in India at various levels in schools. Parent of the present day, are keen to make their children more and more educated. They are making it a point that their child is going to the best school in the town. Indian parents are now taking part in the admission process of the top schools in the city in hope that their child would get select in any of these schools. Schools admission in India is now not that easy but today, the child had give test for the admission. Child as well as parent interview conducted for the admission of the child.

Since, internet has shown its presence all over and the educational sector cannot be left apart. Now, the online admission practice has taken over the traditional admission procedure. The online process is easy, fast and hassle free. In this entire process of admissions via internet, schools upload their form on websites and parents have to purchase the admissions forms, from these sites. After that, they had to fill the same purchased online admission forms and submit the same on these websites. From these websites, these filled forms are transferred to schools. Then, the school decides, whether to give admission to the student or not, after seeing the details of the student from the form. This process has eased the admission process both for schools as well as for parents. The parents have no need to stand in queues to purchase or submit the admission form. The schools have easy management of records. The form details are collected online and they do not have to manage paper work. Even, the schools are free from handling the rush of parents during the time of sale of admission forms. Just pass on the education to next generation and make worth of your life.

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